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What does Hypnosis for Fertility treatment involve?

Your circumstances, history, medical diagnosis and beliefs is unique to you and so your 'Hypnosis for Fertility programme' is tailored to your exact requirements.

The 1st stage of treatment is initial assessment and consultation.

Lasting around 2 hours this process involves an initial meeting where your suitability for treatment is determined. Personal, medical, fertility and pregnancy histories are taken. Time scales, current fertility treatments, past experiences and beliefs are discussed. Time is taken to explain what hypnosis is, how our mind and body can work together and against each other and how this can prevent or enhance the odds of conception.

This information is then used to create a programme tailored for you.

The programme will usually consist of 5 - 6 sessions, utilising a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques. Homework will also be set in the form of hypnosis practice using the techniques taught during each session.  The techniques that you will learn can be put into use whether you wish to conceive naturally or are using any of the assisted conception methods.

At the first session I provide a copy of Lynsi Eastburns book 'It's Conceivable' plus a relaxation CD for further reinforcement of the work done in this session in your own time.

Subsequent CD's will be provided at future sessions so that work done during each session can be carried on at home.

 During the course of your treatment telephone support is also available.

Fees and cancellation policy

To find out if Hypnosis for Fertility is the treatment for you I am offering a 50% discount on your first session.  Plus you will receive a library copy of Lynsi Eastburn's book 'It's Conceivable' which I am sure you will find an inspirational and encouraging read.

Fees:     £60 per session.

Although the first session is usually around two hours and subsequent sessions are usually around one and a half hours if there are issues which have to be addressed which mean sessions are longer there is never any additional cost. 

A set of CDs are provided to allow you to continue at home the techniques that you will have learnt.  These are provided as part of the session fee and do not incur an additional cost.

Cancellation policy

24 Hours notice is required for cancellation of an appointment, Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or non-attendance will be charged in full.

Notification of cancellation must be made by telephone (not e-mail or text)

Cancellation due to pregnancy will be Celebrated.


Fertility Edinburgh cannot be held responsible for any conceptions or pregnancies resulting in miscarriage, still birth, ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, any abnormalities, medical conditions or multiple births.

There is no guarantee made that conception will be achieved when using any of the fertility advice and due to many factors that are beyond my control no refunds are available. I can only supply you with the information that I believe can increase your chances of success and have no way of knowing if any or all of the advice is followed. No Method is 100% effective.




You can check that I am registered by finding me on CNHC’s online register at www.cnhc.org.uk

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Client feedback & Testimonials

"I regained confidence, believed I would conceive and I did."

"I recommend Pauline's Fertility sessions to anyone with fertility issues."

"I will always be grateful that I, (or Google had), found you Pauline."

"My first IVF cycle worked and I had a baby girl."

"We were over the moon when we found out I was pregnant."

"My whole life affected by my need for a baby  and now I have one."

"My son was  conceived naturally, my life
 - changed forever."

"Before I went
 for my third session with Pauline I was pregnant."



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